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Shireman, Frances, MDInternal Medicine

: Coos Bay: (541) 267-5151 Ext. 1454

    Dr Shireman has recently returned to North Bend Medical Center after a two year sabbatical in New Zealand. While in New Zealand she specialized in Geriatrics at the University Of Ontago Medical School Hospital. Dr Shireman found the effort fascinating working in a British style of medicine with students and residents. She was invigorated by the exchange of ideas and styles while both teaching and learning.
    Dr Shireman completed her medical training in Kansas City, Missouri at the University of Missouri’s 6 year Medical School followed by a three year residency in Internal Medicine. After more than a decade practicing in the greater Kansas City area, Dr Shireman moved to the Oregon coast originally joining NBMC in 2003.
    She is happy to be back in Coos Bay. This is the perfect place for her love of the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and sewing after having raised 4 children who now have brought her 4 grandchildren.

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