Smith, Linda M., MD

/Smith, Linda M., MD

Smith, Linda M., MDAcupuncture

: Coos Bay: (541) 267-5151 Ext. 1301

    My emphasis is on restoration of function. Everything hinges on helping a person optimize their performance and quality of life.

    Dr. Smith trained as a Family Physician and spent over twelve years in primary care, most of them in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Over time, she grew increasingly frustrated with the medical industry’s focus on disease management and crisis intervention. That frustration became personal in 2000 when she herniated a disk in her neck.

    After pursuing the standard medical options offered by conventional western medicine without relief, she explored alternatives. She was so impressed with the results she obtained from acupuncture and osteopathy treatments that she decided to study them herself. She added both modalities to her primary care.

    In 2004, Dr. Smith chose to change from primary care to a full-time practice of acupuncture and osteopathy.



    Medical School, Boston University    1986-1990

    Family Practice Residency, Penn State Univ. Hershey Medical Center 1990-1993

    Acupuncture Training, Harvard Medical School 2002-2003

    Osteopathic Training, University of New England. Ongoing

    Member, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

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